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Our computer training institution provides ICT training courses online and offline for the unemployed, students, teachers, and jobholders.

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We are expanding the knowledge of data science, machine learning, and bioinformatics technologies in Bangladesh.

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Animation For Education

Enjoy the applications of animation technologies in educational sectors for making education fun and easy for students and learners.

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We are concerned about your skills and career development. Without Information Technology skills it is almost impossible to survive in any type of career. So, we provide high-quality training at a low cost.

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If you are planning to make your website or design your logo then you are in the right place for the best support. Even if you are thinking about your academic or research data analysis, we are here to help you.

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Sometimes you are confused to do what in a certain situation. For example, maybe your computer is too slow to perform a specific task. If you don't know how to speed up your computer, we are always ready to help you.

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We guide you to sharpen up the most demanding information technology skills of the 21st century!

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We provide training on the most demanding technologies of the 4th industrial revolution!

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We are always ready to support your professional life! We are always equipped to make your dream real!!

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We are straightforward! If we tell you we can do it for you, we can!!

more about 3d animation

থ্রি-ডি কম্পিউটার গ্রাফিক্স এবং এনিমেশনের উপরে সম্পূর্ণ বাংলা ভাষায় নির্মিত এটি একটি ধারাবাহিক প্রশিক্ষণ কোর্স। এই প্রশিক্ষণ কোর্সে আমরা ব্লেন্ডার সফটওয়্যারটি ব্যবহার করেছি।

যেকোনো ধরণের ত্রিমাতৃক (থ্রি-ডি) কাজ করার জন্য ব্লেন্ডার আজকাল খুবই জনপ্রিয় একটি সফটওয়্যার। আপনি সম্পূর্ণ বিনামূল্যে এই সফটওয়্যারটি ব্যবহার করতে পারবেন। ব্লেন্ডার একটি উন্মুক্ত (Open source) থ্রি-ডি সফটওয়্যার। অর্থাৎ, আপনি আপনি চাইলে ব্লেন্ডারের সোর্স কোড পরিবর্তন করতে পারবেন। তবে সেটার জন্য আপনার প্রোগ্রামিং দক্ষতা থাকতে হবে। ত্রিমাতৃক পাইপলাইনের প্রায় সকল কাজ আপনি ব্লেন্ডার দিয়ে করে ফেলতে পারবেন।

Dr. Md. Mohiuddin Kabir
Dr. Md. Mohiuddin Kabir Associate Professor Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, East West University

This is an excellent platform to learn SPSS and other offered courses not only for the students but also for the professionals. Thanks a lot to the Organizers to operate such a valuable learning platform in our beloved country Bangladesh.

Ishrat Jabeen
Dr. Ishrat Jabeen Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Microbiology, North South University, Dhaka

I found the SPSS+Python course very useful. Do appreciate the patience level of our Instructor Mr. Sadhan Verma. The way he deals with people of different levels and different ages is just amazing. Best Wishes!

Debendra Roy
Dr. Debendra Roy Professor, Department of Pharmacy, Jessor University of Science & Technology

SPSS-25, workshop (24 days) was very helpful, impressive and fruitful for conducting a good research. The teaching & learning method was both experimental and didactic in nature. Therefore, one's have an unprecedented opportunity to learn a lot of statistical analysis and data interpretation themes in participating here, which have significant (p<0.01) and positive correlations with future research outcome and behavior of an individual researcher. Importantly, the presentation skills and style of the respected Instructor was really fantastic and enjoyable. In conclusion, I would like to attend at the part-2 session and I wish all the team members a very best of luck. Thanks to all.

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